What is an Ab Roller?

In the world of fitness and health, a six-pack midsection is highly prized. Google “six-pack abs” and you’ll get so many responses your computer may well have a melt down! If you do another search on “ab exercise equipment” you will be equally inundated with hits but, once you have waded through the first few pages of results, you’ll probably notice that ab rollers keep getting mentioned. So, what is an ab roller? That’s a good question!

An ab roller is a traditional abdominal training device that is basically a wheel with a handle threaded through the centre. Ab rollers, sometimes called ab wheels, allow you to perform a specific type of ab strengthen exercise – the ab roll out. The ab roll out is a very effective ab conditioning exercise that can be performed in several different ways. You can kneel, you can stand, you can roll up or down hill and you can also wear a weighted vest or back pack for a super-intense ab strengthening workout. These variations mean that everyone from beginners to advanced exercisers can reap huge benefits from working out with an ab roller.

And, contrary to what you might think, an ab roller does not just work your abs. As you push the roller along the floor away from you and then pull it back in toward you, your arms, shoulders, chest, upper back, lower back, hips and thighs also get in on the action making ab roll outs virtually a total body exercise.


  • Smooth turning Dual matt black plastic roller wheels with metal axle
  • Thick Padded Foam Handles – For extra comfort and grip
  • 15mm Thick Knee Pad Included made from NBR – the same material used in high quality expensive yoga mats – this is the only Ab Wheel on the market to include this quality and thickness of knee mat
  • Instructions included for assembly and tips for using the Ab Roller wheel

In addition to effectiveness, another advantage of ab rollers over other ab exercise devices is portability. Ab wheels take up next to no space and are therefore ideal for home use or when you are travelling. In contrast, a stability ball takes up lots of space and, if you decide to deflate and then inflate it when transporting it around, you can waste a lot of time that would be better spent on your workout. Ab crunch frames are big and awkward and, to be honest, not especially effective. Ab rollers are the clear winner in the portability (and effectiveness) stakes.

When choosing an ab roller, make sure the model you are intending to buy has padded, strong handles, a wide, stable, smooth-running wheel and is supplied with a thick knee cushion for your exercising comfort. Not all ab rollers were created equal and while a good ab roller can be a pleasure to use and last for many years to come, a poor quality model will be no fun at all and will probably end up shoved to the back of a cupboard and never used again.

Ab rollers are an excellent core conditioning tool that also works the rest of your body at the same time. If you are looking for a portable, well-priced, simple to use but effective exercise device, consider purchasing a good ab roller.